You will benefit from a blend of 13 ingredients including antioxidants, adaptogens, herbal extracts and whole foods with a delicious and smooth flavour. These 13 superfoods aid in detoxing your body, lowering your inflammation and reducing weight. One Package of The Super Green Ninja Powder will last you for about one month. All in one, all you need daily.

140g Pouch, 28 servings Pour, Shake & Go!

The best nutrients for your body come from nature. We utilize natural ingredients that work together in harmony to create a potent and effective formula. We formulate with clinically proven nutrients and source with great care. Every ingredient is meticulously tested to ensure that all of our supplements are pure, potent and effective.

  • Boosts energy + metabolism
  • Supports healthy skin
  • Reduces bloating


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Benefits/features 100% Vegan, Organic and Natural Free from additives, artificial flavours, gluten and soy

Our formula contains essential vitamins, minerals and amino acids which support a strong immune system, a healthy metabolism, clearer skin and less inflammation. It is energising, balances blood sugar levels, aids in anti-aging and supports gut health. Our mission is to improve your health on a daily basis.


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